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Mission Statement

To provide for the youth of the Bastrop area a safe, healthy, and enjoyable environment in which to learn football and cheerleading basic fundamentals, sportsmanship, self-pride, discipline and team spirit.

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Proud Member of the CTYFL

Registration for [Member Association] football/cheerleading is open to all children, ages 4 - 12 for football and ages 4 - 13 for cheerleaders.  Registration must remain open until [no earlier than Official Draft Day] and all who register by this date must be accepted as long as they make required payments, provide required CTYFL documents and meet all other CTYFL eligibility requirements.  No try-outs will be held - all children who register for [Member Association] football or cheerleading will play.  Violations of this CTYFL policy will not be tolerated.  Please report any violation of this policy to the CTYFL Executive Vice President at:  You can find them at

A quick word from our board about field rules

Just wanted to send out a general reminder to our families and to all visitors to the Jamboree, and home games.  This applies during practices and through the season. 

There are NO VEHICLES on the field with the exception of board members carrying equipment/paperwork on and off the field. The gate is locked. Please do not drive over the locked gate/wire especially if it is locked. 

NO ANIMALS ARE ALLOWED on the practice field (at Bastrop Intermediate) or at any field we play on during the season. This does include puppies/small dogs that are being held or in carriers.This is a school district rule. The ONLY exception are certified service animals. They will need to be leashed.

When visiting turf stadiums,to include Memorial Stadium,  NO COLORED DRINKS are allowed on the track or field.  Only Water.   NO FOOD is allowed on the track or field, everyone can eat outside of these areas before and after game times.

We want to be able to keep using these fields to hold practice, and play games If we continue to disregard BISD rules, we may be asked to leave.

Any board member that observes the above rules being broken, will ask the parent to correct the issue (take the dog home/move off the field etc.) If the parents continue to disregard the field and league rules, they can be banned from all practices and games.

Thank you for your cooperation! 

-BYFO Board


All donations go straight to player programs. Thank you for your support!


As of March 2019 the CTYFL (Central Texas Youth Football League) has become the first youth football organization in Texas to implement the same coach certification and tackle training program that the Texas High School Coaches Association and the University Interscholastic League (UIL) have mandated as the only acceptable certification and tackle training for all Texas middle and high school football coaches and players.


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